Ivy Antonowitsch / mixed mediums

Living in the heart of downtown Reno, Ivy takes advantage of the urban setting for her inspiration and backdrop to many of her photographs, taken with vintage box/duel lens cameras and adapter she invented that turns a cellphone into film, while using the vintage camera.  Ivy offers a unique tour of the ordinary, turned into the extraordinary through her art and photography.  Ivy is also the creator and maintains the upkeep of the look and operation of the website.


hank sosnowski / writer, poet

Sosnowski is a survivor of a violent crime and spends his days recovering from the massive brain trauma he suffered as a result of the attack.  Prior to the crime, Hank was a tenured Professor of English and Poetry, honored with many accolades and awards,i has published three books of Poetry, "Human Remains", "Dime Poems" and "Love, Lust and Lunacy" and can be found in multiple publications, domestically, as well as internationally.

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